Nokia Asha The Variety and Specifications

Front and Back Side of Nokia Asha

Nokia is one of the most famous names in the world. Almost all products from the Nokia has been marketed to all countries in the world, the company has also been built since 1865, and has been in operation even during World War II occurred.

Not surprising that until now, Nokia is the only company that is best known. Various forms of products have been developed from Nokia Company based in Espoo, Finland.

Of many forms, this produced the series, one of which is Asha. This is a newly developed series of nokia. Asha actual meaning of the word itself is a Sanskrit word which means hope.

The Design of Nokia Asha

Nokia Asha with Touch Screen Edition

Variety of Nokia Asha Products

series of products under the name asha is a type of mobile phone-based smart phones. was first released in October 2012 and with 11 products that include Nokia Asha 200 / 201 which is the successor product series 01dan X1-X2-01, with a qwerty keypad form format.

Nokia Asha 202 is the second product which was also released on the same date, the ability of Dual-sim, and the touch screen is smooth. Nokia Asha 203 also produced with only a single sim.

The first type as Asha 200 / 201 also developed again into Nokia Asha 205 products that are designed with extra buttons for Facebook, as well as dual sim capability. Of the many products asha, some of which is the successor of some types of mobile that has been marketed first.

Some of which also is a new product from Nokia. asha each type can also be clarified to some new kind of first-rate group, Mid-range, and Higher. Seen from the total product that has been marketed to date there are about a dozen products.

Hot Nokia Asha Edition

Colorful Nokia Asha

Specifications of Nokia Asha

The details of this product, there are a variety of shapes and sizes that were presented, seen from the screen. Some types are designed with touch screen capabilities of a standard size, some are designed with a wide screen size, but are not equipped with touch screen capabilities.

Seen from the keypad, there are some products made by asha qwerty format, some are normal, some are also not equipped with a keypad, specific to type, touch screen. Designed to feature in all products, there are some differences, as only several types are equipped with Wi-Fi access to capabilities, features, storage capacity, and the price of each type of product also varies.

Nokia Asha Powered off


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